How To Cut The Expense Of Purchasing Office Stationery Supplies

Published: 08th June 2012
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In these recession hit economic times most people are scared to spend. Most people are searching for a way to minimize expenditure. Reducing the cost of buying office stationery supplies is one tactic to reduce your expenditure.

But before you start ordering your employees to use the old pens or demanding that the colour printer is out of bounds, here are a few top tips which can go towards saving you money: -

1. Write a budget.

You strategically budget everything else in your company so the purchasing of the office stationery supplies should be no different. Many companies envisage this as a cost, which is always required, and therefore, the cost of this is not always given much thought.

Allocate this chore to a trustworthy member of staff and keep a record of your expenditure on a weekly or quarterly basis. Furthermore, keep a tally of the items you purchase most, such as staples, or cardboard boxes (depending on your business) and keep a tally of your spend in this area. These figures will come in handy when you are in search of the best places to pick up your next order.

2. Bartering.

Most Companies have accounts with the same suppliers for years on end. They just order what they need without ever asking the costs or asking to see if it can be bought cheaper anywhere else. If your buying your office stationery from the same supplier then you will have a great work account with them and be able to discuss a drop in price easily. Sometimes its great to disturb them with notion that you may be changing to another retailer, this will always make them open there eyes to you as an excellent source of revenue and begin selling you goods at a fair price.

3. Buy in quantity.

Most businesses can save money by knowing which products they use on a daily basis and buying them in quantity. It could be a big initial outlay but any product is always cheaper if you buy 10 rather than 1. Keep an eye on the items you use in volume and purchase them in higher volume.

If purchasing in quantity you may also benefit from of the 2 for 1 bargains which most office stationery supplies retailers can offer. Budget savvy companies can then use their negotiation skills to get the most profitable deal from their supplier.

4. Research the Internet for a new supplier.

When you have tried all of these methods and your e-tailer is not agreeing, then its time to move on. There are many of new retailers on the web just sat in anticipation to take your money and offer you a better deal, which you cannot turn down. Most new retailers will offer you lower pricing on everything, or may even allow you buy at rock bottom price for your initial order to get your custom. If your last supplier isnít content to offer you what you deserve, then there is often someone else that is willing to.

If you feel uncomfortable with moving retailer, then ask the new supplier for a small sample simply to check there trustworthiness and the quality of there stock prior to placing a larger order.

In these times of budget, cutting costs is the top priority for any company and donít let this part of your budget go unnoticed.

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